NEW FOR 2020!!


At the end of Summer 2019 I got selected for the U19 England Roses Academy- my proudest achievement yet. Previous to this, I was playing mostly GD and WD, with a bit of GK occasionally but I’m now looking to develop my C position with the Academy which I’m finding really fun. My short term goals are currently to get selected to go on tour with the U19 England squad this Summer, and to place top 4 with my U19 Severn Stars squad at the end of this season. 

I’ve been playing netball since I was 8 and coaching younger girls at that age really reminds me of where I was and my ambitions at the time.

I was really clumsy and not quite in control of my limbs but with help from several supportive coaches I got to where I am and I’d like to think I could play that role in someone else’s life. My experience of how patient and inspiring coaches have been for me has helped me understand qualities I need to display in order to help younger players as much as I can and I know that I can help younger players develop by inspiring them and by being a positive role model for them. 


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