Project 8 has flourished within the last two years. Infancy began as just Hockey, and now we have given it home, delivering more than just Hockey. 

Welcome to the start of your journey of 1-2-1 coaching, tuition and mentoring.

I'm sure you’ll have some questions along the way. No problem. That’s where I come in. Project 8 is uniquely designed, bespoke programme of coaching. Delivered in a 1-2-1 or small group environment if you wish. The coaching is filmed, analysed and players will document their progress and development throughout the programme.

No other such detailed and rigorous programme exists and that is why from its infancy to now it has been so successful.

The programme is designed to get results, and this will be done in a coaching style and approach that suits you and your needs as a player.

We’ll help direct and instruct where necessary and let you as the player drive forward your learning with our expert guidance and support.

I and the team look forward to working closely with you in the weeks and months to come. Let’s make this adventure an exciting and rewarding one!

Why did I start this amazing programme, CLICK HERE.......... 


We operate from a number of locations in the SouthWest, including Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol, Southwales and Taunton. We are happy to travel and deliver a programme at venues convenient for you.  The project 8 is designed to be player focused and we want to make it convenient and consistent to enable the best possible results. 


Whilst we do not promise to deliver a certain outcome for players, we are very confident that we can get you or your child where they want to be. 

I am often asked, " is ........ too young to benefit from the project?" 

My answer would be  absolutely not. We tailor the sessions to work in a style that suits the player, (Player centred). We work with 8/9 year olds and all the way through to the Junior Internationals. 

We work with Siblings and in Pairs if required, this allows us to deliver a dynamic and competitive programme that helps more than one player. For example team mates might want to work together, or siblings that are similar in age and ability. That said we work with siblings that may have a varied experience level. Expert coaching allows us to tailor the session to benefit both players. 

We also partner up players with similar age and ability children, (Complete strangers), please email for more information. 

Can you relate to the below? 

1, Looking for the first steps in your sport, not sure where to start?

2, Selection headaches?

3, Advanced skill development, nobody to deliver?

4, Scholarship Preparation?

5, A big trial on the Horizon?

6, Want to Progress through the county, and governing body pathway?

What you get on the Project 8?

1, A fully tailored programme to the individual, based on player and parent pre-project questionnaire and set objectives.

2, 4.5 / 8 hours of player:coach 1-2-1 contact time. (Short course: 3 x 1.5 hours) or (Full course: 4 x 1.5 hours, + 1 x 2.0 hours)

3, Session review & analysis undertaken within the coaching time. 

4, Videoing of each session for player reflection and analysis. (Supplied via USB drive or Dropbox).

5, Fitness programme, based on questionnaire and preparation for season.

6, Mentoring advice.

7, Personalised performance playing Hoodie (Full course only)

8, Final assessment and evaluation for players and parent to take away.

We know that our proven model, coaches and reputation will get the very best results for you. Please do drop us a call to discuss things further. 






4.5 hours of coaching | Welcome pack, including: Player progress booklet, fitness & Nutrition Information, filming of coaching, concluding notes.

Just: £319.00 (All Sports)


8 hours of coaching | Welcome pack, including: Player progress booklet, fitness & Nutrition Information, filming of coaching, concluding notes, hoodie.

Just £750.00

Sophie Trigg | Hockey Goalkeeping

Just: £649.00

Matt Fairburn | Hockey 

Lee Fortey | Rugby

Just: £589.00

Rich Owen | Hockey

Tam Pascoe  | Hockey

Ollie Smart | Hockey Goalkeeping 

Harriet Sanderson | Netball  

Dani Gibson | Cricket

Prices include: Coaching time, Facility booking, any merchandise, welcome pack, travel.  Sit back and enjoy our specialist knowledge and coaching. 

Children are more than welcome to work with friends or siblings, or we can partner them up. We will only partner players up with similar age and ability players. 

Group pricing and sibling discounts are available, please email to find out more. 




Thanks we'll be in touch!